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US News & World Report: Antibiotics Screwed up My Gut, Now What?

“Better safe than sorry” were Andrea Duclos’ famous last words. She said them to herself when accepting a prescription for antibiotics about two years ago. The now 32-year-old founder of the lifestyle blog OhDearDrea in West Palm Beach, Florida, had recently returned from a nearly three-week trip to India with some digestive distress and a cut she didn’t want to become infected. Antibiotics seemed like the obvious next step, and the clinician at her local walk-in clinic agreed. Read Article

US News & World Report: What is Adrenal Fatigue and Why is it Controversial?

Angela Rocchio was doing everything right: She was sleeping eight hours a night, eating healthfully and practicing yoga, which she also taught. But Rocchio, who was in her mid- 20s at the time and working as an environmental specialist, was perpetually exhausted, developing severe allergies, struggling with blood sugar control and facing infertility. Read Article

US News & World Report: Could Intestinal Parasites be Causing your Gut Issues?

Marcelle Pick left for Mexico with visions of herself splashing in the ocean, relaxing on the beach and feasting on local fare. Let’s just say those visions were quickly blurred. “I was on the floor a lot more than I wanted to be because I was in so much discomfort,” says Pick, an OB-GYN nurse practitioner in Yarmouth, Maine. Read Article


We all have those moments of feeling like we’re running on empty. It’s all too common in these fast-paced times, and generally we’re pretty good at finding ways to recharge—whether it’s going for a walk, relaxing with friends, planning a vacation, or taking a nap. But if that feeling of fatigue or exhaustion just won’t subside, no matter how much rest you are getting, there could be a deeper issue. You may be suffering from HypothalamicPituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis Dysregulation—the root cause of adrenal insufficiency and what’s been coined as adrenal fatigue. Read Article

Health News Digest: How to Spring Clean Your Immune System

As the seasons change and readers look for ways to refresh their homes and bodies, did you know that there are ways to hit the reset button on the immune system, as well? Read Article

Tereza’s Health Blog: Navigating the Holidays with a Suspected Gluten Intolerance

The season of feasting is upon us. The majority of us fall victim to the ritualistic pattern of (delicious) consumption followed by the inevitable regret of stuffing ourselves to discomfort as we binge on larger-than-average amounts of rich foods, sugar and festive alcoholic concoctions. It can be extremely difficult to pass up the treats and customary holiday cuisine we look forward to each year. Read Article


Problems associated with autoimmune response have always been here but we’re just identifying them better today. While genetics and environmental factors affect our predisposition to, and development of, allergies, sensitivities and autoimmune responses, cases of such responses have not actually multiplied, but rather our knowledge of a broader spectrum of immune reactions has. Read Article

Newsmax Health: Actress Zoe Saldana Touts ‘Clean Eating’ for Thyroid Condition

Star Trek actress Zoe Saldana recently announced that she has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that affects an estimated 20 million people in the United States. About seven times more women than men suffer from this disorder, often called chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, and in Saldana’s case, both her mother and sisters also have the disease, confirming its genetic link. Read Article

Oxygen: Itching and Bloating and Hives, Oh My!

The food you eat is directly connected to your overall health, but not all food is good for all people. In fact, some can be downright deadly. Fortunately, these days, entire grocery aisles are devoted to products, such as glutenfree, formulated for specific populations, and labeling has become more sophisticated to warn of potential allergens. Read Article


In the past 2 weeks, I diagnosed a middle-aged male with celiac disease, and a teenage female with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Since their symptoms weren’t really textbook for those conditions, it was their positive family history for autoimmunity that led me down that path. Although current medical literature estimates that genetics only contribute about 30% of the risk for developing an autoimmune (AI) condition, it’s a good place to start. Read Article

Amazing Wellness: What Do NDs Do for Colds & Flu

Health practitioners are exposed to coughing and sneezing patients every day. How do they fight colds and flu during winter months, and what do they do if a seasonal bug strikes? These five naturopathic doctors give us some valuable insights. Read Article

Delight Magazine Gluten Free: I Don’t Have Celiac Now What?

We hear from individuals all the time that they don’t have celiac disease but eliminating gluten makes them feel better. To help us all better understand what’s going on with our bodies, we’ve called on Dr. Chad Larson Read Article

OneStep4Autism: Making Good Food Choices Every Day with Your ASD Child: Interview with Dr. Chad Larson

Parents who have children with autism have heard how diet affects and even exacerbates behaviors. There is an abundance of articles and books on the subject. However,  families feel deterred by mainstream medicine and its slow and cynical recognition of natural and alternative approaches including diet to help with behavior issues. Read Article


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